What is a Featured Ad?

A featured Ad is  a top Ad and it is at the top of every ad listing page, there are can be many featured/Top Ads. By adding a Top Ad promotion to your ad, you earn the chance for your ad to be displayed in one of these Top Ad spots – which can get you up to 10 times or more views!

  • Featured/Top Ads stand out – they are bigger than regular ads, highlighted in yellow, and clearly marked as a “Top Ad".

  • Each Top Ad is given an equal chance of being shown in the Top Ad spots. This means thousands of extra appearances for each Top Ad on our most-viewed pages – every day, for up to 15 days.

  • In addition to joining the Top Ad list, your ad is also posted as a regular ad. So you can add a Daily Bump Up promotion to your regular ad too

What is a Daily Bump Up

The Daily Bump Up promotionI simply means, the publish date of your ad is updated to the current day.  It moves your ad to the top of the regular ad listings once a day for up to 15 days.  It has the same effect as reposting your ad every day – but it’s automatic and attracts 5 times or more views!

  • Ads with Daily Bump Up are given a fresh start once a day, to get your ad more views with no extra effort.

  • Ads move down the pages as usual until the next bump up, and this is repeated for up to 15 days.

Why is my Ad not showing as a Featured Ad

If you don’t see your Top Ad right away, it means that there are more Top Ads available than there are number of Top Ad spots. In this case, each Top Ad is given an equal chance of being displayed. If you still want your ad to be on top, then you have to pay GHC5.00 to see your ad as a top Ad for 3 days..

What is Highlight Ad

Make your Ad stand out with different colours

What is Urgent Ad

This Promotion will add “URGENT" ribbon on your Ad

What is Home Map Ad

With is Promotion, your ad will be visible on the map on home page